Blog Post Formats Intermediate

Post Formats is a theme feature introduced with Version 3.1 and are considered to be meta information that can be used by themes to customize presentation of a blog post. It represents the method of styling a specific blog post. If you apply the blog post format feature your blog becomes more user-friendly.

In short, you can change how each post looks by choosing a Post Format from a radio-button list.

Supported formats by this theme

  • Standard - the regular default styling, we recommend you to use this one all the time
  • Aside - typically styled without a title, similar to a Facebook note update.
  • Image - a single image. The first <img /> tag in the post could be considered the image. Alternatively, if the post consists only of a URL, that will be the image URL and the title of the post (post_title) will be the title attribute for the image.
  • Video - a single video or video playlist. The first <video /> tag or object/embed in the post content could be considered the video. Alternatively, if the post consists only of a URL, that will be the video URL. May also contain the video as an attachment to the post, if video support is enabled on the blog (like via a plugin).
  • Audio - an audio file or playlist, could be used for Podcasting.
  • Quote - a quotation, probably will contain a blockquote holding the quote content. Alternatively, the quote may be just the content, with the source/author being the title.
  • Link - a link to another site. Themes may wish to use the first <a href=””> tag in the post content as the external link for that post. An alternative approach could be if the post consists only of a URL, then that will be the URL and the title (post_title) will be the name attached to the anchor for it.
  • Gallery - a gallery of images, the post will likely contain a gallery of images added from the media library.