Add a Reservation Form to a Page or Blog Post Novice


In this video we have used Beat Heaven as an example but the process of creating and adding a reservation form is the same for all our WordPress themes built on our Fuse Framework.

Creating a reservation form

Create a new reservation form by following the below instructions:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard (Ex:
  2. Go to Reservations panel
  3. Select All Reservations Forms sub panel
  4. On the next page click the Add New button
  5. In the Add/Edit Forms section enter the Form name
  6. In the Date Pickers box select the type of date pickers you need Check in only (usually used for appointment forms) or Check in & Check out (used for hotel checkins)
  7. Add more fields to your form and mark them as Required if you want them to be mandatory fields when your users fill in the form. You can also choose the Type, Label and modify the Width of your form fields.
  8. Click the Save Form button in order to save your changes
  9. Copy the reservation form shortcode
  10. And then, paste this shortcode in any page or blog post
  11. More options can be found in the Message Settings panel from where you can modify the default texts of your reservation form:

    • Form header text
    • Submit button text
    • Reset button text, and others
  12. Click the Save Form button

  13. In Date settings panel you can exclude dates on which users cannot make reservations
  14. Click on the tinny calendar icon on the right
  15. Indicate the dates you want to be excluded and click the Ok button in the small pop up
  16. If you have finished, click the Save Form button
  17. Finally, you can visit your page to see the result.