Buttons & Lists Novice


In this video we have used Cloud Host as an example but the process of adding shortcodes in a page or blog post is the same for all our WordPress themes built on our Fuse Framework.

This article provides a brief description on how to add Buttons & Lists shortcodes to a page or blog post:

  1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard (Ex: http://yourwebsite.com/wp-admin)
  2. Go to Pages or Posts, then select the page or blog post you want to add shortcodes in
  3. On the next screen click the Add shortcode button
  4. In the Insert Shortcode pop up select the desired shortcode (you can use the Filter box to find it)
  5. Click on the Button or List shortcode you want
  6. Edit the settings before adding it
  7. Click the Add Shortcode button
  8. Then press the Update button to save all changes
  9. Once you have finished, click the Preview Update button to see the front-end result
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