Add members to a page or blog post Novice


In this video we have used Metro Vibes as an example but the process of adding services is the same for all our WordPress themes built on our Fuse Framework.

In this tutorial we will explain how to add new members. Follow the below instructions:

  1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard (Ex:
  2. Go to the Members menu, then select All Members submenu
  3. In the displayed screen click the Add New button
  4. In the Add New Member screen enter the title and the content
  5. Then, you should upload an Avatar
  6. Click the Publish button
  7. Go to Pages > All Pages or Blog Posts > All Posts and select the desired page/blog post. (e.g. About us)
  8. Hover the mouse on that page/blog post and click the Edit link
  9. Click the Add shortcode button to insert the Members shortcode
  10. In the Insert Shortcode screen search the Members by writing its name in the Filter box
  11. After you have found it, click on it
  12. In the next window press the Add Shortcode button
  13. Then press the Update button to save all changes
  14. Once you have finished, click the View page / View blog post link to see the final result
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