SEO Extension Settings Intermediate

The SEO Extension enables you to have a fully optimized WordPress website by adding optimized meta titles, keywords and descriptions to your pages.

The SEO settings page has all the options divided in 3 main tabs:

  1. General - lets you control general settings about SEO, like the use of meta keywords and search engines webmaster verification codes.


More about Google Webmaster verification codes can be found in the Google Webmaster's docs.

  1. Sitemap - helps you generate a sitemap that you'll submit to search engine web crawlers like Googlebot. This file tells Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content and helps web crawlers to crawl your website more intelligently.


More about sitemaps can be found in the Google Webmaster's docs.

  1. Titles & Meta - lets you set different options and variables on how your titles and meta is generated for for all your pages.