Can I use one of your themes on Novice

No because on you can’t run a custom theme and can’t upload plugins. With our theme you’ll need you own hosting not the one provides. Some and advantages and disadvantages:

Self hosted WordPress advantages

  • You can install and use our themes
  • You have full control on your website data. You don’t have any strict terms of service imposed by someone
  • You can use plugins any type of plugins: free, paid, custom
  • You can customize and modify themes
  • You can use any ad service on your website and you are free to sell as many ads as you want
  • Custom Analytics are possible

The theme upload method is available only for self-hosted WordPress users, since the system does not support this option!

Self hosted WordPress disadvantages

  • You should find a host, install the custom theme by yourself

We got you covered on this one. You have the option to purchase a hosting pack together with a free domain directly from our website and we'll do all the install and set up for you for free. You'll get a fully functional website in a matter of minutes. Read more about it. advantages

  • They provide hosting and backups
  • It gives the possibility to integrate your social networks
  • There’s no need to install plugins. It provides such features as: comments, sharing, stats, etc.
  • Support and forums access. disadvantages

  • You are not allowed to sell ads on your site unless you have a specific number pageviews per month
  • You are restricted to use plugins
  • You are not allowed to use custom analytics software
  • You cannot use our themes. You follow their choice of themes which are used on lots of websites. Thus, it somehow affects your uniqueness
  • You should always abide their Terms of Service