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The shortcodes are part of the visual page builder that comes with this theme. The elements (or shotcodes) can be added to your website by dragging & dropping them on the page and are separated in 3 categories:

  • Layout Elements - used to create your page structure.
  • Content Elements - composed of shortcodes used to create the page content.
  • Media Elements - used to add media to your page: images, sliders, slideshows and video.

Layout Elements

Content Elements

Media Elements


Learn how to use the Visual Page Builder to create a new page.

Every shortcode be it a column, section, content or media has different options built in. In order to bring the options up all you need to do is click the shortcode:

Most of the shortcodes have a Custom CSS option that you could use to further style the shortcode by adding your custom CSS in the custom.less file. This file is located on your server in the /child-theme/styles-less/ folder.


More on the basics of CSS styling using the custom.less files can be found in this article.

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