The Footer Novice

Go to Appearance > Theme Settings. Locate the footer settings under Footer. The footer is composed of 3 areas as follows:

  • The Footer Widgets - where you could display different widgets from Appearance > Widgets.
  • The Menu Bar - used to display a footer menu navigation.
  • The Copyright Area - where you can display your footer social icons and the copyright text.

The footer widgets options

  • Footer Widgets - select YES to enable the footer widgets to be displayed.
  • Number of Columns - lets you choose between 3 or 4 columns.
  • Background - select the background for your widget area.
  • Titles Color - use this option to change the titles color.
  • Body Text Color - any body text in the widgets will have the color set here.

Learn how can set the widgets that appear in the footer from this article.

The menu bar options

  • Menu Bar - lets you enable the footer menu bar.
  • Footer Menu - choose if you want a navigation menu displayed on the Menu Bar.

You can set this navigation menu from Appearance > Menus. Note that only the top level items will be displayed. Learn how to set a navigation menu for the footer from this article.

  • Footer Logo - lets you add a logo on your menu bar. You can choose the position of the logo on the menu bar and the navigation menu will adjust accordingly.

  • Background - select the background for your menu bar.
  • Menu Color - lets you choose the menu links color.

The copyright area options

  • Footer Socials - select YES to enable the footer social icons.
Keep in mind

Your social icons need be set from General > Social Profiles. Learn how to add/edit your social links from this article.

  • Copyright - use this field to input the copyright on the footer bottom bar.
  • Position - the copyright position. Based on your selection here, the social icons will be positioned accordingly. Play with the choices to see what suits your needs best.
  • Background Color - the bottom bar background color.
  • Social Icons Color - your social icons color.
Keep in mind

The copyright can't be turned off.